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A Visionary Cause: National Eye Exam Month

> By Susan Taplinger National Eye Exam Month is here, reminding us to prioritize our eye health and to take simple yet impactful steps to keep our vision strong. This annual observance emphasizes the crucial role that maintaining good vision plays in productivity, safety, and overall well-being – and it all starts with comprehensive eye exams. […] ... Read More

Chronic Wound Care: Building a Path to Optimal Healing

By Susan Taplinger Imagine waking up every day with a persistent wound that refuses to heal — a wound that restricts your daily activities, limits your mobility, and causes discomfort. This is the reality for many individuals living with chronic wounds. The key to promoting optimal healing and minimizing complications lies in proper wound care. […] ... Read More

Living Well with Arthritis

By Erin Hagan Each day, millions of people are faced with the challenges of living with arthritis — a debilitating condition that can make it difficult to perform daily activities, function at work, or simply move around. With nearly 1 out of 4 adults currently diagnosed, arthritis is a leading cause of disability across the United States. […] ... Read More

Dental Hygienists – The Unsung Heroes of Oral Health

By Erin Hagan When it comes to your teeth, who should you thank for your healthy smile? Your first response was probably “my dentist”. But don’t forget to thank another important oral-health professional — your dental hygienist — an essential member of your preventive care team. National Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week is celebrated during the […] ... Read More

Senior Independence Month – Building Self-Reliance

 By Erin Hagan What does “independence” mean to you? For many, it means being able to make choices about lifestyle, place of dwelling, and individual pursuits. But maintaining independence and having a fulfilling life in later years takes preparation and planning. That’s why National Senior Independence Month is observed every February to share information about resources, tools, […] ... Read More

National Pharmacist Day

By Erin Hagan Stand Up and Cheer for Your Pharmacist! The history of the pharmacy profession spans hundreds, if not thousands of years–and is constantly evolving. Today, pharmacists are highly skilled experts who play a crucial role in healthcare throughout the United States and across the globe. National Pharmacist Day  (January 12) gives us the opportunity […] ... Read More

How to Program a Healthy New Year

 By Susan Taplinger How to Program a Healthy New Year The beginning of January is the perfect time to plan for the year ahead, and to take stock of your annual medical needs. While many factors go into programming a healthy year, scheduling your physical examination and other routine appointments is a great way to […] ... Read More

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