EMS / First Responder Caring Award

The Dynarex First Responder Caring Award

For the past eight years, the Dynarex EMS/FRCA has recognized an EMS professional or agency that has demonstrated exceptional caring through community service actions and/or programs designed to improve the health and safety of the community they serve. It honors and recognizes the entire EMS all EMS professionals — who provide quality emergency patient care to their communities every day. The award is usually presented as part of the National EMS Awards of Excellence every year.

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In early 2023 Dynarex took the opportunity to catch up with previous First Responder Caring Award winners to see where their inspiring journeys have taken them.

2017 FRCA Winner

Julie Lahr

"I am now working with ZOLL Medical as a Senior Clinical Support Specialist. I train Fire/EMS departments on high performance CPR practices to improve patient outcomes.

My main focus in my current role is teaching high performance CPR practices. With that, I also have the opportunity to highlight the importance of provider resiliency. Mental health awareness and safety remains a topic close to my heart.

I work with the ZOLL Scientific Affairs team to stay up on the most current research. I continue to attend EMS conferences and keep up with my CE.

I received the JEMS 10 EMS innovator award for my work with the M&M pilot unit. This unit combined a mental health specialist and a paramedic in a unit that responded to behavioral health calls in the 911 system. I created expanded protocols that allowed for alternate transport destinations diverting patients from the Emergency Department.

I’ve always felt like family with Dynarex! Great products, great people!"

2018 FRCA Winner

Chris Judd

"Since winning the Dynarex First Responder Caring Award, our department has gone to being a part time department. I do still however volunteer on the back up ambulance some nights, we are growing pretty fast. It does makes it a little harder to keep up on the skills needed to be an AEMT.

Our department has bi-weekly trainings to help keep us up to date and in the loop with happenings in the EMS world. I still love helping people and being involved in the community.

I am thankful to have had the experience of being a recipient of the Dynarex First Responder Caring Award, it truly was an honor. The Dynarex team, were so kind and felt like family. Thank you once again for having such great products and helping support the EMS system."

2018 FRCA Winner

John Webster

"Since winning the award, my life has only gotten crazier. We are experiencing a great deal of growth in our County, which translates to expanding our training programs here for more employees. We are still very dedicated to the Stop The Bleed program, to the point of having taught it throughout the State, along with the C.R.A.S.E. program. I’m also responsible for developing new classes and recruit training.

We are continuously using Dynarex bandaging products in our S.T.B. classes for the students to use in the practical environment.

The rewarding part for me is when I have taught both Public Safety professionals and the public and I learned that the instruction they received actually made a difference in the outcome (i.e., wound packing and tourniquets).

To stay current, I must obtain multiple training hours in EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement to stay licensed. When I have time, I like to go to the expos and seminars to keep up with the latest trends as well as learning about new equipment and procedures."

2019 FRCA Winner

Chris Lawrence

"I have since left Petersburg Fire Department and was recruited to an agency that is only 4 years old, in Charles City County VA, Charles City Fire & EMS (metro Richmond area).

I am responsible for the daily EMS operations for the county, serving as a part of the Emergency Management as well. We answer about 1500 calls a year since start up and that continues to increase. We obtained our ALS transport license in the last 14 months and trying to get our first Engine BLS licensed.

I am still teaching students and continue to promote the Tactical program with the same group for 10 years. We present at conferences and schools across the commonwealth states.

Additionally, the new fire station is being built from the ground up for the career staff which will improve community services. We purchase numerous EMS products through Dynarex and based on my experience I feel the quality and price is great."

2020 FRCA Winner

Lacey Spencer

"We are a third-party municipal EMS Department that serves as the sole 911 provider for East Baton Rouge Parish. Last year we responded to approximately 70,000 calls. Our most recent initiative is to become a “Heartsafe Community” by partnering with local entities to provide Citizen CPR classes and facilitate public access to AEDs in our Parish.

“We utilize several Dynarex products such as Cold and Hot packs, 4x4 Gauze, 4” Roll Gauze and OB Kits. The quality and packaging of the products are exceptional.”

After years of dedication, Lacey has left the EMS profession. We thank her for her service! The East Baton Rouge EMS department will continue to do great work in serving the public.

2021 FRCA Winner

Derek Perez-Piris

"It was a privilege winning the FRCA from Dynarex two years ago. I continue working with the EMS and Fire Department on a daily basis. I have been working toward an officer’s position over the past few years. Since being married I started a family with the arrival of my baby daughter last May, and most recently my wife and I are expecting another child in early June. I continue to be focused on my career in the fire department helping others.

I have been involved in running the “EMS Florida EMS" competition over the years where volunteers in our profession come together to help improve our skills as paramedics. Groups together from all over the country compete in different medical scenarios. We have always used many of Dynarex products, such as trauma dressings, creams, ointments, and gloves, as well many other emergency products. Our team was called “Team Meret" of St. Petersburg.

Every day on the job is rewarding to me when I can help others! I continue to be dedicated to the EMS and Fire service as my career. Each year I’m involved in Department related Continued Medical Education programs to improve my skill level and learn new things. I’m steadfast in providing public service – that’s my greatest reward."

2022 FRCA Winner

Lainey Volk

"I continue seeing community paramedicine patients. We have about 160 patients that are seen with some form of regularity, for medication management, wound care and safety checks....I also continue teaching numerous different courses for EMS and our community.

Every item I was able to find in our supplies that had a Dynarex label was photographed in use and sent your way previously. Our supplies person purchases from various companies and seeks the best pricing for the need...it seems we always have your hot and cold packs, but the sharps containers and vet wrap sort of items vary.

I cannot think of anything more rewarding than seeing a patient learn to live well in a new situation, such as a newly diagnosed illness or debilitating injury....some folks get reunited with family over such things...there are numerous single stories but not adequate time for writing this.

We train on most shifts and have online and in-person training monthly and weekly. Both didactic and hands-on."

2023 FRCA Winner

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray is EMS director for the State of Alabama in addition to actively running medical calls on a volunteer basis and serving as a firefighter for nearly 25 years. Mr. Gray is also a disaster medic with the National Disaster Medical System and a volunteer member of a Law Enforcement Special Operations Unit Evacuation Team. He acts as current chair of the South Region of the National Association of State EMS Officials.

"Mr. Gray epitomizes servant leadership and inspires others to give back and pay it forward," said nominator Doug Roberts. "He is always quick to render aid in a time of need or assist in any way that he can. He is always striving to advance EMS on a local, state, and national level."

Gray was formerly the director of the Alabama Opioid Assistance Project and vice chair of the Alabama Mutual Aid System Advisory Council, as well as serving on the Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Council, Opioid Crisis Advisory Council, and the Data Driven Prevention Initiative Advisory Council.


Dynarex is dedicated to helping you stay prepared—with high-quality, essential supplies for first aid, oxygen delivery, burn care, rescue conditions, and much more! We are also proud of our continued sponsorship of the First Responder Caring Award, honoring those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Also, a participant in the Passport to Prizes program!

We are proud of our continued sponsorship of the First Responder Caring Award, honoring those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Also, a participant in the Passport to Prizes program!

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