DME & Disposables ALL Under One Roof

Our goal is to provide our customers with premium products
that meet the clinical standards of well-known national brands
while delivering outstanding value under one roof. 

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Bundle products with our full line for added value. Choose from wheelchairs, bathroom safety, rollators, mobility, beds and rails, mattresses, patient rooms and life improvement. 

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Disposable Medical Products

Expert medical products to meet the changing demands of customers. We constantly grow our product line, looking for ways to help our distribution clients add value to their offerings.

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Serving 30+ Market Segments 

Our goal is to ensure our distribution partners have the supplies they need when you need them. We serve virtually every market segment from nursing homes to kit packers and tattoo parlors.

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Logistics that Make

Custom solutions and the control your business needs to process and adequately manage your supply chain with minimal effort and efficiency to increase profitability.

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Recent News

  • Dynarex Launches Redesigned Website

    We’re dedicated to supporting the success of our customers. As part of our continued investment in that success, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new interactive website with enhanced features and product information.
  • Dynarex Broadens Product Lines to Expand Sales & Profit Opportunities For their Distributors

    Dynarex now offers an expanded line of Slipper Socks in larger sizes. These slipper socks come in both the hard and soft sole style; offering anti-slip traction which helps prevent patient falls.
  • Aftercare for Your Tattoo - Why It Is So Important

    Tattoos are popular and expensive. Before getting a tattoo check into what you will need to do to for aftercare. State regulations vary, regarding licensing of tattoo artists and requirements to provide aftercare instructions.


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