Respiratory Care Market Growth 

Industry Insights

The global market for Respiratory Care Devices is anticipated to rise considerably over the next 5 years1. The market for these devices was already steadily increasing, but as we continue to combat the global Covid-19 pandemic, the need for respiratory products grows. As key players in the industry implement new strategies, steady worldwide growth can be expected.

The expansion will benefit new-to-market manufacturers, offering competitively priced and clinically sound devices. These “New Players” will assist small and medium-sized DME distributors to compete with the large national corporations in the ever-tightening CMS reimbursement models.

Dynarex is a “New Player” in the respiratory marketplace. Already a leader in the disposable medical product and DME sectors, Dynarex has recently partnered with manufacturers to design and produce numerous respiratory products that can help you succeed in this expanding realm.

For over 50 years, Dynarex has been a leader in nationwide sales, technical support, and distribution. Our warehouses can be found nationwide and feature exceptional logistics. We offer web-based product presentations, regional clinical specialists to assist in referral source education, and have a team of medical device representatives waiting to support your sales team. 

Our Respiratory line is constantly expanding. It currently includes Oxygen Concentrators, Adult and Pediatric Nebulizers, Suction Devices, Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Tank Carts, and much more. Contact Dynarex today to schedule an appointment to get to know our respiratory line. Let us assist you and your team to provide high-quality products to your respiratory patients.