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Home Care
Home Care Products that assist caretakers with the medical supplies they need.
Specialized medical Dialysis Products that help the healthcare professional on the job.
Offering a wide range of medical devices and disposable products that assist the medical professionals.
Nursing Home Care
Long term care products that will help maintain a comfortable living environment.
Emergency Services
Catering to the EMS workers and support services.
Providing medical products that support veterinary care.
A wide range of Tattoo disposable medical supplies that supports the artist's needs.
A variety of Dental Products that are used throughout the dentist's office.
Physician Care
Offering a complete line of medical disposable products that assists the healthcare professional.
Drug Wholesale
Providing a wide selection of medical products for pharmacy customers with the highest standards of quality.
School Products
Providing all types of medical disposable products that help to protect our children.
New Products                   « »
Sharps Containers
High quality containers are designed to be strong and lightweight. For used medical needles and other sharp medical instruments.
Emesis Bags
Dynarex new Emesis Bags are ideal for individuals that suffer from sickness due to motion, chemotherapy, flu or other situations.
Pediatric Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
A portable non-invasive device intended for spotchecking of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobinand pulse rate of patients at home and in hospitals.
Advanced Wound Care Dressings
Designed to promote a moist environment, thereby accelerating the healing of many difficult-to-treat wounds or chronic wounds.
Facial Tissues and Towels
Dynarex high quality Facial Tissues & Towels are designed to be strong and absorbent.
1200cc DynaVac EMS Suction Canister
New DynaVac 1200cc Suction Canister is designed to fit EMS vehicles. Made of superior quality, durable plastic.
Green Soap
For tattoo skin preparation, procedure and clean up. Concentrated formula with a pleasant aroma.
Unscented Baby Wipes
Keep your baby feeling clean and fresh. Can be used on any part of your babys delicate skin.
Waterproof Adhesive Tape and Tri-Cut Adhesive Tape
Protects wounds and dressings from water penetration. Tri-cut adhesive tape has three widths on one spool and is also waterproof.
More New EMS Products!
Post Mortem Kits, Cardboard Splints and Bandage Shears are just some of the items that make Dynarex the Brand to know for EMS products.
Dental-Tattoo Plastics
Dynarex dental and tattoo plastic products are made of clear plastic which is easy to apply and easier to dispose of. Prevents cross-contamination and makes clean up effortless.
Cotton Tipped Applicators
Used in patient care for wound care, application of topical dressings and for cleaning instrumentation. Now comes in convenient sealed vial.
Linen Pack
The Dynarex Linen Pack contains high quality sheets and a pillow case that is conveniently wrapped and easy to store. Linen Pack is for the EMS market.
Deluxe Wound Closure Tray
Everything you need in one convenient package.
For treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. Dynarex Nebulizers converts prescribed medication into aerosol mist for easy inhalation.
Personal Care Products
Pamper yourself with Dynarex's complete line of personal care products. From lotions, mouthwash, shampoos and cleansers, look and feel your best with our complete Personal Care Line!
New EMS Products
Emergencies Happen and Dynarex is there for you! Dynarex supplies the EMS market with thousands of products, all under one roof!
Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls
A lightweight compression bandage which sticks to itself, not to other materials or skin. New Black Sensi-Wrap is perfect for the tattoo market. Now some rainbow colors come latex free.
Elastic Bandage with Self Closure
Ideal for low compression situations. Dynarex Premium Elastic Bandages are a non-slip compression and support wrap that uses no pins, clips, or tape.
Barrier Sleeves
Protect your arms and clothes. Stop the spread of pathogens and infections. 2136 BP Cuff Barrier Sleeve is used in the Dialysis Market. 2137 Disposable Arm Sleeve is used in the Tattoo Market.
Surgical Gowns
Keeps you safe from harmful elements. Impervious to blood, liquids and other potentially infectious material.
Handheld Pulse Oximeter
For continuous monitoring, spot-checking of functional pulse oxygen saturation (%SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) of adult and pediatric patients in nursing homes, hospitals and home care.
Plastic Products
A complete line of plastics used throughout nursing homes, hospitals, home care, assisted living facilities and more.
Nasopharyngeal Airways
Recommended for use in the semi-conscious or unconscious patient with an intact gag reflex.
Disposable Paper Products
Dynarex Disposable Paper Products. Dependable quality with the protection you need.
Personal Alarm
Fall Monitoring Systems for Facility or In-Home Care constructed of a durable thick plastic casing with special protective outer cover. Included stainless steel clip for mounting to chair or bed.
Pulse Oximeter
Non-Invasive Measuring of Oxygen Saturation Unbeatable accuracy - clinically tested, drop tested, durable and moisture proof. Perfect spot checks or continuous readings. Simple one button operation.
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