Transparent Island Dressings - Sterile

Dynarex highly absorbent Transparent Island Dressings are ideal for packing large, deep wounds.

Re. No. Product Name Qty./Box Box/Case
3645 Transparent Island Dressing Sterile 4" x 4" 20 20

Dynarex Sterile Transparent Island Dressings are made of a transparent film and an absorbent pad into one dressing for an ideal wound healing environment. These Transparent Dressing are a thin, clear, sterile dressing that keeps out water, dirt, and germs, and yet is semipermeable to let skin breathe. The central pad on the Island Dressing absorbs exudate and resists to stick to the wound surface.

  • Combines transparent film with an absorbent pad to create an ideal wound healing environment
  • Central pad absorbs exudate and resists sticking to the wound surface, resulting in less patient pain during dressing change
  • Comes in 3 sizes, 4"×4", 6"×6", 8"×10"
  • Simple and effective management of minor wounds

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