Dynarex L-Mesitran Soft - 1.75oz

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Dynarex L-Mesitran Soft Wound Gel with Medical Grade Honey is a primary dressing gel designed to create a moist healing environment for a variety of wounds. L-Mesitran Soft is formulated with 40% medical-grade honey, hypo-allergenic lanolin, and vitamins C & E to retain hydration and protect skin at the wound site. 

Quantity per Case: 24
Dynarex L-Mesitran Soft Wound Gel is a high-quality gel made with 40% premium-grade honey to maintain a moist environment and help accelerate wound recovery. L-Mesitran Soft contains hypo-allergenic lanolin to preserve hydration for a quicker healing process. Dynarex L-Mesitran Soft’s vitamin-C-enriched formula helps to support a healthy pH balance at the wound site, acting as a natural anti-bacterial agent. The anti-microbial Gel is formulated to promote osmosis and autolytic debridement for optimal healing. Dynarex L-Mesitran Soft is ideal for non-draining to moderately exuding injuries such as partial and full-thickness wounds, pressure injuries, burns, and trauma wounds. It can also be used on minor abrasions, cuts, and lacerations.
  • Formulated with 40% medical-grade honey, hypo-allergenic lanolin, and vitamins C and E to promote optimal healing of chronic wounds
  • Moisturizing formula helps to restore wound pH balance
  • Anti-microbial gel helps to cleanse and debride wounds to accelerate healing process
  • Commonly used with secondary dressings to minimize adherence to the wound bed
  • Ideal for use on chronic and acute wounds at stages 1, 2, 3, or 4
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