D300 Low Bed

REORDER #Color Rail Type Staff Control (Y/N)
12003No Boards No Rail
12003-CHAmber Cherry No Rail No
12003-MHMahogany No Rail No
12003-OALight Oak No Rail No
12003-CHABAmber Cherry Assist Q-Bar No
12003-CHABXAmber Cherry Assist Q-Bar No
12003-CHCRAmber Cherry Composite Swing Rail No
12003-CHCRSCAmber Cherry Composite Swing Rail Yes
12003-CHMRAmber Cherry Metal Swing Rail No
12003-CHMRXAmber Cherry Metal Swing Rail No
12003-CHPBAmber Cherry Pivot Assist Bar No
12003-CHPBXAmber Cherry Pivot Assist Bar No
12003-CMABComposite Assist Q-Bar No
12003-CMCRComposite Composite Swing Rail No
12003-CMMRComposite Metal Swing Rail No
12003-CMPBComposite Pivot Assist Bar No
12003-MHABMahogany Assist Q-Bar No
12003-MHABSCMahogany Assist Q-Bar Yes
12003-MHCRMahogany Composite Swing Rail No
12003-MHCRSCMahogany Composite Swing Rail Yes
12003-MHMRMahogany Metal Swing Rail No
12003-MHMRSCMahogany Metal Swing Rail Yes
12003-MHPBMahogany Pivot Assist Bar No
12003-MHPBSCMahogany Pivot Assist Bar Yes
12003-OAABLight Oak Assist Q-Bar No
12003-OAABSCLight Oak Assist Q-Bar Yes
12003-OACRLight Oak Composite Swing Rail No
12003-OACRSCLight Oak Composite Swing Rail Yes
12003-OAMRLight Oak Metal Swing Rail No
12003-OAMRSCLight Oak Metal Swing Rail Yes
12003-OAPBLight Oak Pivot Assist Bar No
12003-OAPBSCLight Oak Pivot Assist Bar Yes

The Dynarex D300 Low Bed is a durable, one-piece steel bed frame designed for long-term care use. It features true vertical lift, a slat deck, and has a grid deck that can accommodate up to 500lb and tool-free length extension. Ideal for patients with can be used with a variety of pressure mattresses to help patients with limited mobility, chronic illness, and pressure wounds in a variety of healthcare facilities.
The Dynarex D300 Low Bed is constructed from durable steel and features tool-free width and length extension to accommodate larger patients. The bed has true vertical lift that raises up to 30” for increased caregiver convenience and comfort while tending to patients. A convenient hand pendant allows users to independently adjust bed positioning. This bed is often used in a variety of long-term care facilities including nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and more. Alternate D300 options available including additional colors, head and footboards, backup batteries, nurse control panel, and bed rails. Compare to Prime Care 703 by Drive DeVilBiss Healthcare.
  • Constructed from welded steel
  • Features auto-contour
  • Tool-free length extension: 80”- 84”- 88”
  • Tool-free width extension: 36” – 42”
  • Includes 10-function hand control pendant
  • Eight 3” total lock swivel casters and central locking system
  • Wall bumper guard protection
  • Weight capacity 550 lb.
  • Warranty: 15 years on all welds, 3 years on electrical and mechanical, and 1 year on all other parts and components
More Information
Plug Pins 3
Product Material - Headboard/Footboard Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or PE
Product Size - Actual Height (Inches) 33.5
Product Size - Actual Length (Inches) 84.2
Trendelenburg (Y/N) Yes
Adjustable Height - (Y/N) Yes
Adjustable Length (Y/N) Yes
Adjustable Width (Y/N) Yes
Bariatric (Y/N) No
Battery Backup (Y/N) Yes
Central Locking System (Y/N) Yes
Remote Control (Y/N) Yes
Rx Only (Y/N) No
TAA Compliant (Y/N) No
Contains Natural Rubber Latex (Y/N) No
Hand Crank (Y/N) No
Product Size - Actual Weight (Pounds) 213
Product Size - Actual Width (Inches) 36.2
Prop65 Warning Both
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg ± 12°
Warranty 15 years on structural steel, 3 years on electrical and mechanical, 1 year on all other parts and components
Weight Capacity (Pounds) 500
Spec - Adjustable Bed Height - Floor to Deck (Inches) 30-Jul
Spec - Adjustable Deck (Inches) 36-42
Spec - Adjustable Length (Inches) 80-88
Spec - Wheel Caster Size (Inches) 3
Back Rest Angle 0-65°
Bed Function - Semi or Full Electric Full Electric
Knee Break Angle 0-35°
Deck Height (Inches) 7.0-30
Deck Length (Inches) 80-84-88
Deck Style Slat
Deck Width (Inches) 36-42
Length of Power Cord (Inches) 149.6
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