The surgical/procedural product line provides instruments and accessories for use in the OR and alternate site environments. Categories include: skin prep, antiseptics, instruments, dressings, gels/lubricants, kits, scalpels and blades, trays, bags, razors, equipment and accessories. Select from products such as biopsy punches, gowns, suture removal to post-op sponges and obstetrical kits.

Absorbable (Y/N)
Alcohol Free (Y/N)
Fluid Resistant (Y/N)
Flushable (Y/N)
Fragrance (Y/N)
Glove Material
Latex Free
Product Size - Actual Length (Yards)
Textured (Y/N)
Tubing Length (Inches)
Vented (Y/N)
Waist Style

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