First Aid/Emergency

A leading source and supporter of the EMS/EMT community. Product categories include: blankets/sheets, transportation/immobilization gear, burn supplies and accessories. Shop assorted blankets, head blocks, transport units, creams, ointments, bandages and more. We are also proud to host the First Responder Caring Award, which honors the heroic men and women who serve in their communities.

Alcohol Free (Y/N)
Bag Size (cc/mL)
Barb or Diss Outlet
Closure Type
Curved (Y/N)
Cushion Type
Dressing Type
Filter (Y/N)
Flame Retardant (Y/N)
Flared (Y/N)
Fluid Resistant (Y/N)
Inflation Type
Latex Free
O2 Port (Y/N)
One Way Valve (Y/N)
Product Size - Actual Length (Yards)
Reusable or Disposable
Tube Size (cc/mL)
Tubing Length (Inches)
Vented (Y/N)
Weight Capacity (Pounds)

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