Clinical Expertise

Pressure Ulcers and Injuries

Florence Nightingale needed two hours to attend to and turn her patients in her ward during the Crimean War, (1853-1856). This anecdotal claim has resulted in a practice of turning patients every two hours.  We have since evolved and many facilities have developed their own protocols and standards of practice for the prevention of pressure ulcers/injuries.

Reference: anecdotal teaching

The History of Wound Care

One of the oldest medical manuscripts known to man is a clay tablet that dates back to 2200 BC. This tablet describes, perhaps for the first time, the “three healing gestures”—washing the wounds, making the plasters, and bandaging the wound. Wound care today includes thousands of products and is conducted at thousands of facilities every day. In the 20th century came the advent of modern wound healing and present day dressings including foam, adaptic, calcium alginate, silver and honey dressings.