Global Shipping Container Rates Skyrocket

Dynarex Remains Committed to Delivering Quality Products and Customer Service

In a recently published article, The Wall Street Journal reported that the average global price to ship a 40-foot container has increased four-fold from a year ago. This trend is not expected to ease up until sometime in 2022.

What led up to this?Ever since the relaxation of Covid-lockdowns last summer, retailers and manufacturers have rushed to meet rising consumer demand for products, the article stated. This in turn caused bottlenecks and delays at ports as containers remain on the water for longer periods of time.

Contributing FactorsEvents such as the Suez Canal blockage in March and delays at China’s Yantian port have exacerbated this problem exponentially. As The Wall Street Journal reported, these persistent supply-chain bottlenecks are steadily driving up rates with no relief on the horizon before 2022 (Lunar New Year, celebrated Jan. 31 - Feb. 6) when factories in China typically shut down. As a result of these developments, many shippers today are facing a difficult choice: they can pay the prices and pass the costs on to their customers or retreat from overseas markets.

How This May Affect YouDynarex products are crucial to the health and well-being of thousands of patients—therefore halting or slowing delivery is not an option. Yet with global trends and events beyond our control, Dynarex may have no choice but to pass on these costs to our customers. 

Dynarex is making every effort to mitigate costs for our valued customers and partners. Any price changes Dynarex is forced to pass along will only occur after exhausting all pricing factory negotiations and options. Moreover, we will continue to work on your behalf by being transparent, communicating openly, and keeping you informed. 

You can continue to depend on the superior products and outstanding customer service you have always relied on. We never compromise on quality. Safety, reliability, and quality remain paramount.

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