National Pet Day

National Pet Day



Celebrate the Human-Pet Connection!

April is the month to celebrate National Pet Day (April 11th) – a holiday for owners to honor their animal companions and the many benefits they bring to daily life.


If you’re obsessed with your pet, you’re familiar with the warmth and happiness that arises when you interact. It’s that special “dose” of unconditional love and adoration. But your relationship goes beyond that. Studies show the mutual benefits pets and their owners gain through simple interactions.


So, grab your companion, settle in, and learn more about the powerful mind and body connection you two share and how you can relay your love with healthy initiatives.



Healthy Ways to Bond with Your Pet



The human-animal bond is truly a dynamic relationship. Explore your emotional connection with your pet by incorporating some of these interactive activities into your daily life:

The Power of Play: Believe it or not, playtime is about more than just fun – it’s crucial to your pet’s wellbeing. Simply goofing around with your pal, going on walks, or doing activities around the house together helps both of you release energy while increasing endorphins.

Add Meaning to Meals: Making food preparation interactive is a fun way to connect with your pet! Planning out nutritious meals will help keep both of your immune systems stronger. Think about your bond while you prep. Talking to your pet and making eye contact can make the experience more meaningful. For example, staring into your dog’s eyes increases levels of the bonding hormone, oxytocin, and serves as an antidepressant.

Groom with a Purpose: Maintaining your pet’s hygiene is a thoughtful activity that allows you to connect while caring for their wellbeing. Grooming can encompass anything from nail trimming to brushing, bathing, and more. You and your companion will reap the benefits from physical contact. A study conducted at Washington State University confirmed that 10 minutes of petting or cuddling an animal leads to a substantial decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol.



Taking It to The Vet


Veterinarians recommend regular wellness exams for the same reason your physician and dentist recommend them – to preemptively address any issues. If a problem is detected early, it's more likely to be treated and resolved with better results. Dynarex offers a premium line of veterinary products to help professionals keep all furry, finned, scaled, and feathered friends happy and healthy at their appointments.


During exams, technicians will check:

Bloodwork: Blood testing or a CBC (Complete Blood Count) allows staff to review their immune system and overall health.

Weight: A healthy weight reduces their risk of disease and injury while contributing to a better quality of life and longer life expectancy.

Specimen samples: Urine and stool samples help your vet assess their kidney health, other internal systems, and metabolic diseases.

Vaccination status: Vaccinating your pet each year helps provide immunity to protect from diseases like distemper and rabies.

Parasite medications: Many animals experience discomfort from fleas, ticks, or mites on their skin. Preventative medications are a great way to keep parasites at a distance from your beloved pet.



Take Time to Connect


Not much compares to the benefits you gain from having a pet. Energizing activities and emotional interactions ensure they receive the same positive results in return. So, consider spending the day showering your furry, reptilian, finned, or feathery friends with some extra praise, yummy treats, and even a trip to the vet! There’s so much to thank animals for, so find your pet and kick off your quality time with some new shared adventures.



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