Family Health in the Great Outdoors



Get Outside on Family Health & Fitness Day!

Each year, on the second Saturday in June, communities across the nation celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day. The event highlights the benefits of becoming more physically active and sharing outdoor activities with friends and family. It also promotes the importance of parks and recreational facilities in helping to keep communities healthy.

According to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA):

• The majority of adults say that access to parks and recreation facilities is very important to their physical and mental health.
• Proximity to parks and other recreation facilities contributes to higher physical activity levels for adults and children.
• Connecting to nature can help relieve stress, strengthen interpersonal bonds, and elevate mood.


Getting Prepped & Staying Safe
Before setting off on an outdoor adventure with your family or friends, make sure you have everything you need to be safe in the great outdoors. Dynarex provides a full line of skin care products such as AquaGuard Hydrating Ointment to keep your skin moisturized and SPF 30 Sunscreen to help you stay protected from the sun. Dynarex also offers a full line of athletic products like Instant Hot and Cold Packs to soothe tired muscles after an active day outside.


The Benefits of Exercise

It’s important to do something physical every day. Studies show that healthy exercise provides a wide variety of benefits for people of all ages. According to the CDC, increasing physical activity helps to improve sleep, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and strengthen bones and muscles. 

In addition, cardio-vascular exercise increases endorphins and other natural hormones that can boost your mood and help you to bring more energy and enthusiasm to the day! Many experts recommend that healthy adults should aim for about 2.5 hours of moderate exercise a week.



Getting Organized

Planning activities together as a family can help boost communication and strengthen bonds. Take the time to pick a sport or physical activity everyone enjoys – and then take it outside. Your activity can be as simple as a walk in the woods, playing catch on the grass, or a game of tag in the park. The idea is to get your bodies moving and breathe in the fresh air! 


Here are some ideas to get the family motivated:

  • • Take a weekend away – hike, picnic, and explore the new landscape.
  • • Organize a scavenger hunt in the local park.
  • • Sign your family up for a fun run.
  • • Pick berries at a local farm.
  • • Build an obstacle course in your backyard.
  • • Consider enrolling your children in summer camp.


Leading by Example

As adults, we have the opportunity to act as role models for younger members of the community. We can lead by example by adopting healthy habits and demonstrating how enjoyable exercise in the outdoors can be.

Whatever activity you choose – don’t be a perfectionist. Just get out there and have fun! You and your loved ones may be surprised by how simple it can be to get involved and enjoy the outdoors together. Whether the family goes for a walk, throws a frisbee, or plays with the family pet, you will benefit from the activity and the time spent together. Now, go outside and play!