Dynarex Expands DME Premium Line



Leading Medical Supply Company Puts Patients First with Extensive Line of Durable Medical Equipment



ORANGEBURG, N.Y.March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Dynarex Corporation, a leading durable medical equipment and disposable medical products company, has expanded its durable medical equipment (DME) line to accommodate the growing demands of today's home-care and long-term care marketplaces. Dynarex's wide range of DME offerings now encompasses premium solutions for a full array of needs—including Long Term Care and Home Care Beds, Mattresses, Lifts and Slings, Wheelchairs, Mobility, and more.


“With our expansive line of DME supplies, we offer a one-stop shop that eliminates the need to waste valuable time searching multiple sales platforms," said Dynarex DME Expert Heshy Grosinger. "This allows distributors to focus on what really matters—providing customers with quality products that benefit patients and providers in truly meaningful ways.”


Dynarex prioritizes patient safety and comfort in all of its DME designs. This is especially important when it comes to patients with limited mobility or those on prolonged bed rest. "Patients in long-term care are often prone to develop pressure ulcers due to extensive time spent in their beds," Mr. Grosinger explained. "To help alleviate this condition, the Dynarex Alternating Pressure Mattress is meticulously designed to improve blood circulation by shifting the points of pressure so that the patient is never in one position for an extended length of time."


When it comes to patient mobility and transport, Dynarex crafted its line of Patient Lifts and Slings with the same high regard for patients' well-being. "Our designs help to promote the comfort and dignity of long-term care patients as they are transferred and moved throughout the day," Mr. Grosinger said. "For example, the Dynarex Sit-to-Stand Electric Patient Lift provides support and encourages muscle strength and function in patients who need help standing independently – and the straps have integrated color-coded hooks to help them maintain their balance."


This patient-centric approach is also evident in Dynarex's robust line of long-term care beds. For example, the D400 LTC Ultra-Low Bed can be adjusted to as low as 4 inches from the ground to reduce the risk of injury caused by patient falls. The bed can also be elevated to a height of 30 inches to help prevent back injuries in caregivers.

Premium Quality Driven by Core Values

Throughout the entire line of DME products, Dynarex takes a thoughtful, compassionate approach that prioritizes quality and trust. "Each product in our extensive line of DME products was designed to exemplify our guiding principle 'We Care Like Family,'" Mr. Grosinger said. "We are proud to provide such a robust and trustworthy resource for distributors to access the essential DME equipment they need to provide optimal safety, comfort, and convenience to patients and providers.”

About Dynarex

Dynarex is a leading medical supply company providing premium medical products and durable medical equipment at exceptional value — for an unparalleled one-stop shopping experience. Founded in 1967, Dynarex’s guiding principle “We Care Like Family” exemplifies the outstanding customer service that sets the company apart in the marketplace. Today, Dynarex continues to expand its footprint with warehouse locations throughout the United States and distributor partners in all 50 states as well as Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Central America, South America, and the Middle  East.

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