Healthcare for All Sizes

Inclusivity is a hot topic in healthcare today—and no wonder—as it aims to eliminate barriers to ensure access for all individuals. Weight inclusivity in particular focuses on promoting health and well-being for people of all sizes. But for patients affected by obesity, finding and accessing equipment that accommodates their unique needs can be a challenge. Fortunately, today’s bariatric equipment is designed to help larger individuals with mobility and daily living activities.

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Transforming Lives



Bariatric equipment is an essential component of patient care for individuals experiencing issues with weight or obesity. It is designed to provide greater levels of comfort, support, and safety — and it helps patients maintain their independence and dignity. It also allows healthcare providers to accommodate patients who may not be able to use standard medical equipment.

Bariatric equipment spans a wide variety of products, such as beds, wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs, lifts, and slings. Here are just a few ways that bariatric equipment can enhance well-being for patients:

  • Safety - Bariatric equipment is designed to provide patients with enhanced levels of safety, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Bariatric beds, for example, have wider frames, thicker mattresses, and higher weight capacities than standard beds, which helps to prevent falls and ensure that patients are comfortable and secure.

  • Comfort – Specially designed bariatric products can help reduce the risk of pain and soreness for larger individuals. For example, bariatric wheelchairs have wider seats and often feature cushions that provide additional pressure relief so patients can sit comfortably for extended periods.

  • Dignity - Bariatric products can provide patients with the support and mobility they need to perform daily activities. By providing larger users with the proper supportive equipment, they can maintain their sense of autonomy and feel empowered to live their lives to the fullest.


Protecting Our Healthcare Providers

In addition to its benefits for patients, bariatric equipment plays a crucial role for healthcare providers. It can help minimize the risk of workplace injuries among nurses, physical therapists, and other care providers who may be required to lift or move larger patients. Bariatric lifts and transfer devices can help to make patient handling safer and more efficient, while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries among healthcare workers.


Toward Inclusivity: Empowering All Bodies

Bariatric equipment is designed to help individuals affected by obesity maintain the highest possible quality of life and gain access to essential services. By using proper bariatric equipment, healthcare providers can promote inclusivity, eliminate barriers, and ensure that every patient receives the care they need, regardless of their size.




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