Tattoos are becoming increasingly more popular and expensive. Before getting a tattoo it would be helpful to look into what you will need to do to for aftercare to ensure your new piece of art heals properly.

Regulations regarding the licensing of tattoo artists and requirements to provide aftercare instructions vary from state to state. "It depends on where you live. In the United States there are few guidelines for tattooing, and even fewer for aftercare." You can find more information on 
State Laws on Tattooing to help you better understand what your states's requirements are for tattoo artists. 

Follow Your Tattoo Artists Aftercare Instructions

A tattoo artist’s typical aftercare instructions may include avoiding tight clothing, keeping your tattoo out of water, direct sun light and avoid sun tan lotions. Cleansing your tattoo should not be done with a loofah sponge or vigorous rubbing. Do not pick at the dry skin or scab as it heals. Follow up with a doctor if signs of infection occur.

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